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The wood grips are very good showing some light bruising and several tiny chips. 48 7,9 mm, "Rifle M. The difference between a No 1 MK 1* and a two star is the two inch false edge at top of tip. Only (5) left before we are sold out! Condition: ORIGINAL, very good - excellent Jan 22, 2020 · I have been collecting military bayonets and other edged weapons for over 35 years and I live near the Smokey Mountains in the United States. blade has numbers on socket and is a non equal cruciform style, I know of the location of a scabbard and may put them together . These bayonets are in very good condition and have matching serial numbers on the bayonet and scabbard. 62 x 25 mm Tokarev, designed for use with the Yugoslav People's Army. They are used in nice condition. Bayonets make excellent tools for hunting and add an extra layer of personal defense to your rifle. Measures 1799 socket bayonet. Zastava M56 SMG Bayonet. (aka Yugoslavian Model 1924 "Shortened" Bayonet) This is a knife bayonet used from the period of about 1924 into and through WWII; it was designed to fit the Czech version of the K98 German Mauser. These are USED and show  Yugoslavian M70 Bayonet in Very Good condition comes with sheath and bayonet itself. Scabbard is non-matching Very Good overall condition. I’m just getting rid of it because I’m trying to lighten up my rifle but other than that it’s in perfect condition call or text if you have any questions please. Knife bayonet for use with the 8 mm. Yugoslavian AK Bayonet original Military Surplus. warreplica Yugoslavian 1948 M48 M48A M48B M48BO Yugo Mauser K98 M98 Black Leather Rifle Sling M1 Bayonet Military Knife,Army,Marines 3. VG CONDITION. × Jan 19, 2013 · Review of this used Surplus Yugoslavian AK-47 Bayonet for the M70 and M76 AK Variants. SCABBARD HAS A FEW DINGS FROM USE, BAYONET SHOWS SOME WEAR AT SPOTS WITH SCUFFS & SCRATCHES FROM STORAGE & HANDLING, UN- SHARPENED, VERY GOOD ORIGINAL CONDITION. Some K98 bayonets are part of limited productions and thus marked with serial numbers. These are surplus Yugoslavian bayonets with scabbards. Each "Buy Now" is for 1 Bayonet. $41 €37 £   26 Jun 2011 This has truly been a quick course in Yugoslavian bayonets for me - something I new nothing about until a few days ago. Scarce Original Brass Handle Collins & Co Civil War Sword Bayonet Dated 1861' Made: 1861 / Hartford Yugoslavian M 70 Bayonet & Scabbard. Please expect the possibility of cosmoline or other signs of long term storage. Fit's Yugoslavian AK's such as the M64, M70 series, and even the M76 DMR in 8mm Mauser. Yugoslavian SKS Rifles For Sale by the Crate Each rifle is complete with blade type bayonet, adjustable gas systems with a grenade launcher. Yugo AK Bayonet for AK47 AKM, AK74, M70, AKK-8001, RTG Parts RTG Parts was established to provide increased customer access to top quality military surplus parts Pictures and description of bayonets of Yugoslavia. This is off my Yugoslavian SKS. The bayonet isn't marked with any makers of years of production. This is the Yugoslavian M48 model bayonet made by Crvena Zastava, Kragujevac. Product Description. These items have been described to the best of my ability. Yugoslavian M1948 Mauser Bayonet With Sheath. Sold individually. 62×39mm round, designed in 1943 by Sergei Gavrilovich Simonov. 308, making it an excellent choice for bringing down everything from deer to elk. If you would like to purchase multiple items or any of the more expensive ones my prices may be negotiable so feel free to make offers if you are interested in the better items or multiple cheaper ones. (Bayonet sold separately above) $99. The yellow bars represent the number of listings for each day. These Yugoslavian bayonets will also fit any AK rifle with a bayonet lug. Visit our Shopping Site pages and buy from us direct or visit our Books for Sale pages and buy research materials from one of our affiliates. Welcome to Charley’s Surplus, the web’s authority on Army-Navy military surplus, tactical gear, camping equipment, and survival supplies. G. s are the Yugoslavian # when reworked (grips usually replaced w/wood, etc. All have Matching Number's. 00. Military Bayonets (Post 1945) Shop Sportsman's Guide for great deals on Collectible Swords and Machetes! The Guide has Army & Military Surplus Swords, and Machete with Sheaths at the lowest prices, guaranteed! Yugoslavian M 56 Bayonet & Scabbard. Will also fit Yugo AK's that were made for export like the N-PAP. Included with each Mauser Bayonet is the correct scabbard that the bayonet fits inside of for safe storage and transportation. 25" M59 long barrel 2. The hilt was shortened and a new crossguard based on an M1895 bayonet crossguard blank with larger muzzle ring inside diameter for the M95M. The M1948 bayonet was a short version of the pre-War M1924 bayonet, adopted when Yugoslavia rebuilt the. Trust Numrich to have the hard-to-find parts that you have been looking for, including these scabbards and bayonets for sale. It was made with all of the more modern bayonet features like a file and barbed wire snippers. Whoever has time is welcome to do their own renderings. They were packed in heavy cosmolene/grease and wrapped in paper. The bayonet and scabbard are in good condition. These bayonets are Type II AKM style with a black polymer handle with a steel pommel. Condition: Surplus, excellent. Military Rifle Bayonets from around the world. 9 out of 5 stars 226. Yugo, Yugoslavian M48, K98 Mauser Bayonet W/ Scabbard, Fits M24/47 Zastava. Some light surface wear to handle and scabbard. 1924. The M1948 bayonet was a short version of the pre-War M1924 bayonet, adopted when Yugoslavia rebuilt the Vojno Tehnicki Zavod (Military Technical Institute), which was totally destroyed during the Second World War. The scabbard is also marked "8556". The M-70 rifle was the Yugoslavian Army version of the AK-47 and this bayonet is compatible with any standard AK-47 type rifle from the same era. Buy a SKS Rifle online. M. Used, very good to excellent condition with a light coating of cosmoline. Feb 06, 2013 · Ordered a couple bayonets and this is what I got, needs a good sharpening! The Yugoslavian AK-47 Bayonet is an authentic bayonet from the Yugoslavian army for the M-70 rifle. 1951-52 Model 48 (7. $$ being the communist factory # not the year as many have mistaken. Yugoslavian Mauser M48 bayonet Blade length: 9. Original Yugoslavian production type III bayonet made for the M64, M70 and M76 series AK rifles. Includes Cleaning Rod, leather slin for sale by Gijohn on GunsAmerica - 919700408 Yugoslavian Model 59-66 SKS Rifle - 7. These were used in eastern europe right after ww2. These were manufactured at the Zastava factory, also commonly seen as Zastava FRY, the FRY standing for Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. The bayonet is all original and a fantastic rare desirable piece. Bayonet Terminology —diagrams showing the basic terminology used to describe bayonets, scabbards, and frogs. Original Yugoslavian manufactured AK bayonet with wire cutter scabbard and leather belt attachment with hook. Sell your SKS Rifle for FREE today! These are surplus Yugoslavian bayonets with scabbards. They cut the ring for the muzzle and the German leather frog was added, which is marked PO. See Additional Information for shipping dimension. YUGO YUGOSLAVIAN M48 K98 MAUSER BAYONET W/ SCABBARD M24/47 and FROG - $65. This is a very fine and rare Yugoslavian bayonet in almost new condition. The M1948 bayonet mounts the rifle but does not lock into place. The Zastava M48 (Serbo-Croatian: Puška M. With new and used products like WWII military bayonets and scabbards, you will find the perfect parts for a firearm restoration or repair. Visit our website at: www. This is a Yugoslavian M1948 Mauser bayonet. Description. Imperial Knife Company, post war manufacture M4 bayonet with plastic grips was an attempt to address shortcomings in the original design of the M4 bayonet, specifically the deterioration of the leather washer grips in tropical climates. Most received new Yugoslavian Army issue leather frog for the Yugo Mauser rifle. 95: DVD-GM This is an original World War II Yugoslavian Mauser YUGO 44 bayonet and scabbard. Apr 08, 2018 · The Yugoslavian M1948 bayonet is the shorter version of the Yugoslavian M1924 sword bayonet. Surplus used in good condition, has some cosmoline. Will fit any M98 K98 type mauser. Box, Paperwork & Accessories: The rifle has a leather sling attached. Sks Spike Bayonet Chinese. Like the one pictured (file photo) all are in good used condition. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated. The blade is made from 1095 high carbon steel and properly tempered to hold a razor edge (sharpening available for an additional charge). BA1397 Yugoslavian M56 submachine gun bayonet Uncommon knife bayonet for the Yugo M56 submachine gun (available deactivated elsewhere on this web site). The This is the infamous Butcher sawback bayonet as used by the pioneering troops of the Germany Army during Also carried by NCOs as a symbol of rank German S1898/05 Sawback 'Butcher' bayonet and scabbard SOLD Vedi altri Sks Yugo Model 59 Wood Rifle Stock Factory Yugoslavian Cut For Blade Bayonet G. Additional information. EXCELLENT YUGOSLAVIAN 1948 SHORT MAUSER BAYONET MATCHING NUMBERS ***FREE WORLDWIDE POSTAGE*** An excellent condition, original Yugoslavian 1948 Short Mauser Bayonet. $43. Browse our bayonets, scabbards, and accessories today. May 13, 2015 · Quick reply your M98 bayonet is a reworked Yugoslavia Surplus bayonet, The matching no. Used by over 42 militaries in the last 60+ years, the SKS is a classic war rifle. Initially a state-funded product, it was later Need Help Identifying This Bayonet: This item is new to my collection, and I am having a hard time identifying it. The scabbard has a dent to it and general wear allover, please take a look at the photographs. used condition. Product Reviews. Made in India. Sportsman's Guide has your Yugoslavian Military Surplus AK-47 Bayonet, Used available at a great price in our Military Bayonets (Post 1945) collection Sword bayonet for use with the Yugoslavian M1924 Mauser, closely patterned after the FN M1924. Scarce M 24 Yugoslavian bayonet re-done and re-issued by 3rd Reich, were used in Army, Luft and Waffen SS. I have a Yugoslavian M1948 bayonet with a very large serial number on the pommel and haven't been able to find any info on why they were serialized th Therefore it would be subject to the requirements of Title 18 USC § 925(d)(3) and § 922(r). Average worn and used condition. Model of M1948 with TRIANGLE MARKING with BK initials. Yugoslavian M1924 Mauser Bayonet & Scabbard, UnMarked 14. Early Yugoslavian Bayonet 44 Pre 1953 For The 1948 Yugo Mauser Shopping. Make sure to read Brutus' Description below for full details on condition of the rifles and accessories. I specialize in Imperial German bayonets but I am always interested in any rare or unusual bayonet from around the world. Yugoslavian AK Bayonet Made in Yugoslavia. Just putting it up on the wall for the sake of looks. RTG Parts was established to provide increased customer access to top quality military surplus parts, magazines and accessories. Yugoslavian Model 1924 Bayonet. If purchasing from over-seas, please proceed with check out. - 1965. The blade shows excellent deep blue finish for its age and overall is a great piece. A selection of quality, sometimes rare bayonets legally sold as collector's items and antiques, available for worldwide shipping. Wood grips show some of the following: cracks, splits, gouges Email Address: Your cart is empty. Original Yugoslavian bayonet with scabbard. 62x39 Caliber ** Folding Blade Bayonet & Grenade Launcher ** SOLD Description: This is a very nice all-matching Yugoslavian military Model 59/66 SKS complete with the original sling and oiler. Our Assessment: This Model 24/47 Yugoslavian Mauser was made at “Factory 44” by Zastava just before or during WWII. There are a number of bayonet variants, including short, long, and shortened long versions. This is a Yugoslavian Manufacture Mauser M1899 bayonet. Black plastic grips. Up for sale is a used Yugoslavian Mauser M48A Bayonet with scabbard and frog, oil bottle and front barrel band. These pieces are very well made under licence from Fabrique Nationale in Belgium. For these (formerly) conflicted groups we investigated whether interethnic contacts depended on superordinate Yugoslavian and subgroup ethnic identifications . SKS Cosmoline Cleaning Video WW2 Yugoslavian bayonet. Fits Yugo M70AB1, M70AB2 and Other AK Varriants. Includes Bayonet and sheath all other accessories pictured subject  You are viewing a piece of Military History. The price is for 1 piece and the metal scabbard is not included. Unfollow yugoslavian bayonet to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed. They were issued with a special combat knife that could be fitted on the rifle as a bayonet. Yugoslavian Mauser bayonet with steel scabbard and wooden grips. This, to me, is the first variation of scabbard and the earliest one. CONDITION: Overall in low fine condition. Sample picture. Locate yugoslavian bayonets in stock and ready to ship right now online. ALL Items are GUARANTEED ORIGINAL unless otherwise noted. Maker marked SIMSON&CO; Stamped on the pommel A4464; Blade length approx 28cm; Overall length approx 43cm; You will receive the item photographed above. Please let us know if you have any questions. Yugoslavian M70 Bayonet in Very Good condition comes with sheath and bayonet itself. markings on the blade are on the shank of the bayonet . You will find more rare and collectible bayonets on my site than at any large regional gun show. RTG Parts LLC has been family owned and operated since its inception in 1999. WWII era Yugoslavian Bayonet with matching numbered scabbard. 5 Inch Long Blade, In the White, *Good to Very Good* $79. flat Knob. F. Includes Bayonet and sheath all other accessories pictured subject to change based on availability and may not be included. It may have been made by FN in Belgium but it is far more likely made by romanian bayonet with scabbard with leather frog. The bayonet, scabbard and frog have a little bit of corrosion,the bayonet tip is bent just a little bit and is also still coated in Get a great deal with this online auction for a bayonet presented by Property Room on behalf of a law enforcement or public agency client. Most color still there. Blade still packed in grease. wood has the normal nicks and dents,no splits or cracks. 24/47. If you don't have the time or inclination to spend the hours involved to find bayonets like these, why not let me do it for you. Production of M4 bayonets with plastic grip began in 1954 and continued into the 1960's. romanian bayonet with scabbard and leather frog. M. Bulk packed in cardboard sleeve. 95: VID-GM-01 History Channel Video ”Guns of the Mauser” about Paul Mauser and the Guns of the Mauser Factory - VHS: $19. It's one of the first AK bayonets I acquired back in the late 1980s - early 1990s. Hero Outdoors is your one-stop army surplus online store in Canada. The bayonet features an all metal scabbard with a leather frog and the wood grips. The bayonet features … 7. Yugoslavian M1924 Combat Bayonet This is a post-war communist ear bayonet made at state factory "44". BAYONET IS # 49805. 92mm Mauser chargers and for the thumb-cutout. The bayonet and scabbard have matching serial numbers - 4678, which you can see in the pictures. This new gun had more German features than the prewar Yugoslavian M24 (sight hood, bent bolt handle, cupped buttplate, sling swivel placement), but they stuck with an intermediate length action. Stock has been stripped and partially REDONE. 92 x 57mm) Mauser Rifle (Mfg by Preduzece Crvena Zastava (Red Flag Factory) Bayonet keeper and frog. A extremely nice Serbian or Yugoslavian bayonet for the Model 1924 Mauser, short rifle. Very good original condition complete with scabbard and leather frog. Text me an offer: show contact info Tags: Bayonet, knife, hunting, sporting goods, ww2, wwII, soviet, war relic, rifle 1950-52 Model 48 Mauser Rifle. Model 48 In addition to refurbishing guns, the national Yugoslavian armory began production of their new Mauser design, the M48. just normal storage and handling. Email *. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Chambered in an 8x57mm IS cartridge that closely mirrors the ballistics of the . Overall length 40cm, blade 25cm. This will only fit the YUGO 59/66 You can get Early Yugoslavian Bayonet 44 Pre 1953 For The 1948 Yugo Mauser Best Buy from well-liked online shopping site. This style bayonet is not uncommon. Sword bayonet for use with the Yugoslavian M1924 Mauser, closely patterned after the FN M1924. 88. Item #: 14521 More Details » Very Fine Original Bayonet & Scabbard' Buy YUGOSLAVIAN M48 BAYONET WITH SCABBARD AND FROG - MATCHING NUMBERS from only $99. Original Yugo SKS bayonet assembly includes bayonet, collet, spring and screw. I take a small square file, the size of the top of the notch and file down to form the “V” into a Description. 193219960949 The rear sight and the bayonet were the same as those on the Puška M. 5 power scope, a bayonet and a scabbard. The Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, which pre-dates the Yugoslavian SKS variants was Serbia and Montenegro, a name used from 1992 to 2006 to show their established federation. The blue line is the 30-day moving average of the selling price. Cold war issue. 62x39 cartridge velocity. An alternate source provides the German designation as 'Karabiner 494(j)' Receivers were cut for the standard 7. SEE ALL 12 PHOTOS. The pommel, crossguard and tang retain 95% finish. 5" 12. It features a 10-inch blade, and a metal sheath. The blueing on the scabbard and knife is in 99% condition, the markings on the bayonet are clear deep and pronounced. Bayonets from Selected Countries of the World updated March 4, 2008: Help us keep this Identification Service alive. 3 "Buy Now's" = 3 Bayonet's. The bayonet is 15" with a 9" blade. Buy Bayonets & Combat Knifes at Espenlaub militar This bayonet was designed for use with the 8mm Yugoslavian M1948 Mauser rifle, closely patterned after the German 8mm Mauser Kar 98k. Israeli Marked Long Yugoslavian Mauser Bayonet W/S . 00 Item #50738. The crosspiece is marked "8556". Scabbatd has a very small dent that is barely visible. At the start of the war German military found out very soon that if a soldier plunged this type of bayonet through the ribs of his enemy, it would be stuck, because the enemy would bend forward and the blade would be stuck between the front and rear part of the ribs. May 22, 2019 · I too have a soft spot for the Yugoslavian Mausers, I have a few M48’s , M24/47’s, and one M24/47 in a M48 stock that I call my M24/47/48. Re: Mauser Bayonet marked 44 This is a normal Yugoslavian M48 Bayonet - has a label - Preduzeće 44 - Factory 44, produced in Kragujevac. northridgeinc. WW2 Yugoslavian bayonet with frog. Locking ring is missing the bolt Blade is properly tempered to hold a razor edge. 75" - 10" both the weapon and sheath have "61885" stamped on them. 48 7,9 mm / Пушка M. The purists will blanch at this but it works great. $115. Manufactured by Zastava. $90. This Bayonet fits AK74 and AK 47 Rifles. 62x39 yugoslavian sks folding bayonet grenade launcher 20rd detachable magazine,flip up front night sight,butt stock has cleaning kit. To see this Yugoslavian M-56 Smg Bayonet W/ Scabbard in stock for product, click the link above and come over and then you will get this item about Yugoslavian M-56 Smg Bayonet W/ Scabbard . The Puška M48A was introduced in 1952 and designed to reduce costs by replacing some forged steel parts, such as the buttplate and magazine floorplate, with Parts and accessories for the Yugoslavian M59/66 sks rifle. It was later updated and marked as a Model 24/47. The following is a list of items I have available for sale or trade. However, the vast majority of this type are marked with BT3 for the state arenal at Kragyavic. We feature bayonet replicas, genuine military surplus bayonets, army surplus bayonets and accessories like hard to find scabbards and frogs to accurately carry them. Great camping knife, or collectible. A. US WWII Garand Bayonet, Greek Reissue Price: $35. D) Yugoslavian M24/47 Mauser Rifle with Bayonet E) D. Has wire cutter on scabbard. K98 Bayonets. Yugoslav Model 1924 Mauser Long Bayonet BT3 Matching G (Bayonets). You can get Early Yugoslavian Bayonet 44 Pre 1953 For The 1948 Yugo Mauser Best Buy from well-liked online shopping site. The M56 submachine gun is a Yugoslavian submachine gun chambered in 7. Description: Indian bayonet is made from a 1907 pattern bayonet with the blade shortened. Yugo Yugoslavian M48 K98 Mauser Bayonet W Scabbard Fits M2447 Zastava. I thought I would share some observations. Condition on all is very good. 48 7. com. From the "1st Pattern" bayonet designed for the AK47, to the most recent model, the "M83/85". Most of the purchaser testimonials say to that the Early Yugoslavian Bayonet 44 Pre 1953 For The 1948 Yugo Mauser Online are excellent item, read the overview and check price. Yugoslavian Model 1924 Shortened Knife Bayonet Identification. Jan 21, 2020 · Looking to add various milsurp firearms to my collection. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for YUGO YUGOSLAVIAN K98 Mauser M48 Bayonet Scabbard Leather Frog MINT . 00 Item #51141. 9 mm") is a post World War II Yugoslavian version of the German Karabiner 98k designed by Mauser and the Belgian designed M24 series WWI, WWII, Revolutionary War, Civil War Collectibles. All-Matching Yugo Model 59/66 SKS in 7. There is a controversy among bayonet collectors if the sawtooth feature is factory original, or perhaps, it was added in Afghanistan. It is though that the Egyptians may have supplied bayonets to the Muslim sides in the conflicts in the former Yugoslavia but at the moment this is just conjecture: Yugoslavian made AKM There is also the obvious financial benefit of issuing one multi-purpose bayonet/knife as opposed to multiple knives to confuse and burden today’s soldier. It is post WWII model. The turned-down bolt handle with the knob’s flattened underside resembled that of the pre-war FN Mle 1924. The German K-98 Mauser Bayonet with Scabbard WWII is reproduced in exacting detail from a mid WWII original and fits German, Yugoslavian, Czech and most K-98 clones. WWI, WWII, Revolutionary War, Civil War Collectibles. Leather grip. It was paired with the Yugoslavian version of the  Original Yugoslavian manufactured AK bayonet with wire cutter scabbard and leather belt attachment with hook. Nice minty blued example with perfect wood grips and nice scabbard. Matching numbers on bayonet and bayonet. The top picture blade has wooden grips the bottom one is plastic made to resemble the U. These leather frog will work on mostly all Mauser bayonets and on a lot of other type of bayonets with similar scabbard. com This bayonet is reproduced in exacting detail from a mid-WWII original and fits German, Yugoslavian, Czech and most K-98 clones. The scabbard shows two minor dents. Sold individually. Sheath has an unrecognizab Sep 02, 2012 · The Last Mauser: The Yugoslavian M48 The difference in price for bayonets is huge! A good K-98 bayonet is 125-145, but the M-48 is about 50 dollars. The production started in May 1940, only about 5,000-6,000 were made. Overall Length: 16. Used condition. Yugoslavian SKS Model Bayonet groove Bayonet M59 4" 12. The right side of the blade is stamped with a maker’s mark and the number, “44”. $111 €100 East German ( DDR) AK47 bayonet - 20th century. - (F. Yugoslavian M95M's captured during WW2 received the following official German designation: 'Karabiner 505(j)' abbreviated 'K505(j)', also referred to as: 'jug Mannlicher M95'. The thick sections of the vertical bars represent the selling prices for each day. This bayonet is a Pre WWII 1929- 1931 Yugoslavian M1924 Long Pattern Sword Bayonet with rare Matching Number  14 Feb 2009 This is, by no means, an end-all reference of Yugo Type II bayonets but more of some shared observations on the Yugo Type II bayonets that I  French Chassepot - 1873 Yatagan style bayonet. Login or Register to write the first review. Used on Yugo M70 versions of the AK, and fits most AK and AKM rifles. 21 results for yugoslavian bayonet Save yugoslavian bayonet to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. It shows scrapes, discoloration & a spew of oils (white residue). Today I received two Yugoslavian M1924 bayonets stamped (bayonets and scabbards) BT3. Matching numbers. Sep 10, 2002 · Typically the Mauser M-48 series rifles will be offered with a Yugo-made bayonet copied from the early pattern German K-98 wood-handled bayonet (a barrel support ring was added to the Yugo version). Sks Bayonet Lug Picatinny Accessory Mount. FREE SHIPPING! Bayonet and Wood Stock SKS Rifle Vintage Military Gun Part Yugoslavian Vintage Bayonet and Wood Gun Stock Parts Stock Wood Rifle Vintage Military Gun Part buttstock and bayonet for an SKS rifle of Yugoslavian manufacture*what you see in the pictures is all the parts I have missing hand guard for gas tube and buttstock cleaning kit Thank you Argentine M1891 Mauser Bayonet, Aluminum Grip, Weyersberg Mfg, Matching Price: $115. Due to cosmoline, it may take extra force and blade may be sharp. Blued steel sheath. The blade has about 70% of its finish. Observations: (by "Claven2") During the second world war, Germany had absorbed the Yugoslavian government's inventory of Mauser rifles (primarily M1924’s and VZ24’s) into its military and had stripped the Military Technical Institute, Kragujevac (fore-runner to the Zastava factory complex) of most useable machines for use elsewhere in the Reich's armaments industry. The Yugo M1924 Mauser Bayonet is an authentic military surplus bayonet designed for use with the Yugoslavian M1924 Mauser. Don't want to spend another $100 when I can get a yugo for $30 to $50. If you don't know what the difference between a K98 and an M48 is then don't answer this question. It looks great, comes with a 2. This should make a nice shooter that that looks nice enough to add to your collection. I will send a separate invoice for shipping charges. yugo yugoslavian m48 mauser bayonet scabbard matching, unissued mint, zastava kragujevac arsenal for sale online. 30-30 and the . Thin green bars represent the price spread for all listings for each day. The bayonet would have been fitted to the Yugo 8mm Mauser rifle. I just need Yugoslavian AK Bayonet original Military Surplus . Rifles come with bayonet, bayonet belt carrier, sling, cleaning Yugoslavian Mauser model 1948 * ** *** **** ***** **** *** ** * It was almost German model 98k but the receiver was a bit shorter. Overall length is 15" Blade is 9. Original in very good condition. Blade length is 15”. 50″ in scabbard The Yugo M24/47 Mauser Rifle is a Mauser pattern bolt-action originally produced for use by the former Yugoslavian military. Original Item: Never before offered, these are original Yugoslavian issue knife bayonets with plastic grips complete with heavy blued steel scabbards for the M-56 sub machine gun. The bayonet was used by the Czetnik Royal Guards of the king of Yugoslavia. 75" To The following is a list of items I have available for sale or trade. Bayonets For Sale: Bayonets & Accessories for the SKS, AK47 & AKM. Find a wide collection of Yugoslavian Bayonets available for purchase now. These bayonets are Type II AKM style  Sportsman's Guide has your Yugoslavian Military Surplus AK-47 Bayonet, Used available at a great price in our Military Bayonets (Post 1945) collection. We offer one of the largest selections of military surplus products, gear and equipment. Please expect the possibility of cosmoline or other signs of long term  1924 Yugoslavian Bayonet with Carbon Steel and Wooden Handle Model 855API. It is in about Very Good condition. These are USED and show actual use and age to the leather and plastic but are in serviceable condition. Up for auction is a Yugoslavian Military M64/M70/M76 Bayonet. 25" M59/66(A1) 6" 14. This offering is for the pictured Yugoslav M1924 Mauser Long Bayonets. The SKS is a Soviet semi-automatic carbine assault rifle chambered in 7. Weighs 14 oz. × Welcome to CHARLEY'S SURPLUS. Get a great deal with this online auction for a bayonet knife presented by Property Room on behalf of a law enforcement This page focuses on German rare and unusual bayonets and other edged weapons for sale or trade that are in above average condition for the advanced collector. Mar 19, 2009 · I have a K98 and was wondering if a Yugoslavian M48 Bayonet will fit this rifle. Yugo 48 Mauser Bolt Body W Extractor And Collar 4 M24 And M48a 8mm Rifles. Add to Compare. The cross guard is stamped with the serial number. The lower bayonet is a Yugoslavian conversion of a leftover M1890 bayonet to fit the M95M rifle. Yugoslavian M1948 Mauser rifle, closely patterned after the German 8 mm. 2057. Looking to buy outright but I also usually have some things for trade so please ask if youre interested in a trade. Shipping for this item in the US is FREE! Pick-ups from our store location are welcome. This is a very well made bayonet that would be a great addition to your collection. I recently purchased an odd bayonet, and after extensive searching on my computer I have found that this is a rare Yugoslavian 1924/40 Kindjahl Bayonet of a unique type based on the Kindjal dagger. Both appear to be original, in the white, unsharpened and barely used. Features a NATO Spec grenade launcher with flip grenade launcher sight, flip up night sights plus a comfortable rubber buttpad. Most units have match numbers on the sheath and bayonet but matching numbers are not guaranteed. Use caution when unsheathing. ) the original German #s 5207j and 43asw C900 are mixed Any 98K bayonet with #s on the frog stud are reworked (or in the wrong sheath). It shows a lot poorer manufacturing quality than the Eastern Block examples or the normal Yugoslavian made models. Confederate Bayonet for the Hall Carbine - for drooling only, not for sale. This bayonet is reproduced in exacting detail from a mid-WWII original and fits German, Yugoslavian, Czech and most K-98 clones. Go to the World (non-German) bayonets for sale section on the home page for bayonets used by all countries other than Germany. Rifle is not California compliant. Yugoslavian M1924 Combat Bayonet German WWII > Edged Weapons > Bayonets > Combat Bayonets This is a post-war communist ear bayonet made at state factory "44". Any YUGO YUGOSLAVIAN M48 K98 Mauser Bayonet W/ Scabbard Fits M24/47 Zastava - $115. Thanks!!! Here is a very nice bayonet and scabbard . Mauser Kar 98k. I really appreciate the  22 Feb 2017 I'm not 100% convinced that it is actually Czech but suspect that it is in fact a refurbished Yugoslavian M24 bayonet. Jan 29, 2009 · This rifle is a model M. Blade measures approximately 5 ½’’ long. The wooden grip is an example of the early post war Carbine bayonet and it comes with a 1891 style painted leather scabbard that was obviously made for these bayonets. Ricosso has the Kragiyervac Arsenal markings. Add to Cart. metal finish is thinning in places,no rust or pitting. Selling my yugoslavian Mauser (M48) bayonet. Older than the AK-47, the SKS was originally designed out of the necessity to provide ground troops a lighter rifle, a smaller round, less recoil, higher muzzle velocity, and better accuracy for medium range engagements. We invite you to become a "Friend" of the AK Bayonet!! Kalashnikov Bayonets Collectors added 6 new photos to the album: Yugoslavian M70 bayonet (with Slovenian hanger). Unfortunately there are no  Need Help Identifying This Bayonet: This item is new to my collection, and I am Hey it's a Yugoslavian Mauser bayonet that's original you can sell that off  Bid online on 186 Bayonet auction lots for sale at the-saleroom. 25" Okay, it's all logical with the extra barrel length for the LBs or the extra bayonet length for the M59/66(A1)s. One matches the scabbard; the other is a few hundred off. This bayonet and scabbard are in good condition with signs of their age and some use. That means this is a refurbished model 1924 rifle first manufactured in the 1920s thru 1941. The K98 bayonet is a version of the standard bayonet, designed to be mounted on or under a rifle barrel. The Sks came in many variants Chinese Type 56, Norinco SKS-M, Yugoslavian PAP M59/66, Romanian SKS, Albanian SKS, East German SKS, North Vietnamese SKS, North Korean typ 63 SKS. I have found three distinct scabbard variations. These bayonets were made for the Yugoslavian M70 rifle, and are compatible with standard AK-47, AKM and AK-74 rifles. Dark brown wood handles with blued finish fittings. Produced in 1949. Stripper Clips, Stocks, Pistol Grips & More. *Wood grips show some of the following: cracks, splits, gouges, etc. Name *. 24/47 Rifle - M24 Rifles and Carbines of Belgian and Yugoslavian manufacture brought up to a common standard beginning in 1947 and continuing into the early 1950s. From accessories like frogs and handle straps to bayonets, Desert Fox Sales stocks everything needed to add that extra bit of flair to your weapon setup. I will contact the winning bidder for payment instruction's. Many of the original German K98s are still in circulation, complete with their original matching scabbards and frogs. Fit's Yugoslavian AK's such as the M64, M70 series, and even the M76 DMR in Israeli Marked Long Yugoslavian Mauser Bayonet W/S . These bayonets are in very good condition and DO NOT have matching serial numbers on the bayonet and scabbard. 62x39 caliber - Very Good to Excellent Condition. Yugoslavian M-56 Smg Bayonet W/ Scabbard is a part of Antique Military Knives products library. Yugoslavian Manufacture Mauser M1899 Bayonet. Great condition, it is a very sturdy and durable knife. These have the "sawback" blade and the scabbard joins with the blade to be a wire cutter. Very Rare, god condition. 00 TL:40 cmBAYONET:38 cmBLADE: 24,8 cmORIGINAL LEATHER FROGSERIAL NUMBER: 29668If you have any questions please contact me. The conclusion came down to matching bayonet styles and Yugoslavian M1948 Mauser had the most similarities. List below: •German K98 (Matching, mismatch or capture) •M1 Carbine (no commercial copies please) •Mosin M44 (Russian Bayonet Plaque, Solid American Walnut with descriptive Plate, with provision for bayonet display. $55 €50 £ Yugoslavian bayonet. Up for auction is a superb example of a Yugoslavian M48 K98 Bayonet with scabbard and frog. Bore is clean and grooves sharp. Leather Frog is in outstanding condition. A small number of such bayonets were recently brought from Afghanistan by returning US soldiers. 9 mm") is a post World War II Yugoslavian version of the German Karabiner 98k designed by Mauser and the Belgian designed M24 series. This durable and well-made bayonet was in service by the former Yugoslavian People's Army for decades. 62x39 This is not your average SKS rifle. Scabbard number: 99 ( other numbers not visible ). No way of telling exactly when as the original markings have been 'scrubbed,' ground off. You mentioned the low profile of the rear notch. “BK” is stamped within a circle, on the front of the leather frog. S. Will most likely detail name 1: yugo ak47 bayonet m70 un issued to like new condition. Thank you. 1849 sword bladed socket . I have been doing some research on the Yugoslavian AKM bayonets and scabbards recently. Original in very good  Bayonet for the Yugoslavian M1924 Short Mauser Rifle. P) Model 1909 Mauser Carbine with Bayonet F) DWM Brazilian Contract Model 1908 Mauser Rifle with Bayonet Yugoslavian surplus AK bayonet in fair/good condition. This has implications only for the Yugoslavian Type 59/66 Rifles, since for other fixed magazine SKS Carbines the bayonet is the only “restricted feature” M48 Yugoslavian Mauser, 8mm Be the first one to write a review Sharp, clean rifling in the barrel. SKS Rifles for sale and auction. COMPARISON OF FLOOR PLATES Yugoslavian Model M-48A Mauser Rifle This is the first major variant of the Yugoslavian M-48 Mauser pattern rifle. Bayonet M1898 Short. Glossary of Bayonet Terms— definitions of common bayonet terms. For the Yugo M 56 submachinegun. Bayonet History Timeline —read about key milestones in the bayonet's history, from the 1500s to the present day. These rifles feature a folding bayonet, fixed 10 round magazine and 20" barrel to take full advantage of the 7. at the best  One of the better made AK bayonets with wire cutter scabbard. These Yugoslavian bayonets will also fit any  These bayonets were made for the Yugoslavian M70 rifle, and are compatible with standard AK-47, AKM and AK-74 rifles. From looking over all the markings on both bayonet and scabbard it appears to be a Yugoslavian mauser. It was paired with the Yugoslavian version of the AK-47, the M70 rifle. The condition on this military surplus bayonet is very good, with minimal wear/usage marks. SCABBARD IS # 15108. British, German, French and other bayonets for sale from my edged weapons collection. It is patterned after the 1924 Belgian long bayonet. Rifle, Historic Yugoslavian M59/66 SKS rifle, semi-automatic, manufactured in the famous Zastava Plant - 7. The bayonet is marked "?????????" over "44" on the ricasso. the rubber and the frog need to be install on the scabbard. One of the better made AK bayonets with wire cutter scabbard. yugoslavian bayonet